Comprehension Skills

It is important to check background knowledge (what they know about them that you are going to talk or read). For instance, the activity is about a caterpillar. Check what they know about this story before reading it, and showing the video. It is important that what we read to our children makes sense to them.

Click here to download What Happens Next? The Hungry Caterpillar reading comprehension skills.

After watching The Very Hungry Caterpillar animated film, follow these instructions.

-Have your child's attention when you speak. Place yourself face to face at the child's level.

-Be clear and specific when making requests and giving directions.

-Use language that is easy for the child to understand, explaining new vobulary as you use it.

-Walk over to the child instead of speaking from across the room. The child can attend more easily to what you are saying if you are nearby.

-Talk often with children, using rich language to describe objects, events, and people in the environment.