Language Development

It is essential for us as parents to help our children to develop their language skills as much as they can before starting in Kindergarten. In this post you will find a link to get access to some activities that will help your child to practice how to hold and write with a pencil, and build some strength when starting to write the name. The adult will write the child's name in the first pencil (depending on how long is), and the child should use the second pencil to copy and practice.

The next activity added to this post is called Alphabet Bingo. This game helps with letter-sound recognition, concentration, and focus. It also reinforce the practice of the proper social skills as whoever plays hast to wait and take turns. To make this game more fun, write the letters ters on a piece of paper and ask the child to trace using whipped cream pudding, or using cereal, dry pasta to create the letters. Then they can count them to see how many letters they need to make the words.

Another great exercise that is beneficial for language development is practicing nursery rhymes. Some of these are in song format which is easier to memorize them,and you can find them through YouTube.

These activities will continue to support the instructional developmental skills in your children.

Click here to download your languange development activities.

Here is an idea of something to do with your child so they can learn how to spell their name.